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Trauma affecting any of the components of the urinary tract or the prostate can lead to bloody urine. Hematuria can also be associated with renal (kidney). Common Causes of Hematuria: · Urinary tract infection · Enlarged prostate · Kidney stones · Vigorous exercise such as long-distance running · Certain drugs, such as. The most common cause of blood in the urine, a few different infections can cause it in addition to UTIs. Bladder or kidney infection can cause pain and lead to.

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Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are a common cause of blood in the urine. Although they occur more frequently in women, men can also develop them. Risk factors. What causes blood in the urine? · Cancer · Kidney infection or disease · Urinary tract infection (UTI) · Enlarged prostate (men only) · Kidney or bladder stones. What Causes Blood in the Urine? · Lifestyle · Certain medications · Infections · Enlarged prostate · Urinary stones · Kidney disease · Cancer.

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Blood in urine or Hematuria is not a serious condition, but at times, red or white blood cells in your urine can convey that you have a medical condition. Causes of blood in the urine vary, from inflammatory conditions to cancers. Urinary tract infections and kidney, bladder, or ureter stones are also frequent. Urinary tract infections, kidney stones and prostate problems are common reasons for this symptom. Less commonly, blood in the urine can indicate a more.