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Sports medicine specialists treat injuries sustained in all levels of physical activity. They see athletes and also treat active adults of all ages. The Sports Medicine specialists at The CORE Institute are nationally recognized experts in sports-related injuries and performance. Your treatment plan will. Sports Medicine Specialists · Aaron M. Bates, MD · Rahul V. Deshmukh, MD · Stephan M. Esser, MD · Sina Kasraeian, MD · Casey M. McClone, MD · Kevin P. Murphy, MD.

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University of Iowa Sports Medicine delivers comprehensive care for competitive and recreational athletes of all ages. The physicians at UI Sports Medicine. A sports medicine physician is a physician who has completed a residency plus elected to receive specialized training in sports medicine. They are dedicated to. New Zealand's Leading Sports Medicine Clinic specialising in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for professional and recreational athletes.

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The primary role of the sports medicine physician in competitive sport is the comprehensive health management of the elite athlete to facilitate optimal. The Sports Medicine Specialists is located in the old site of the original Brampton YMCA. The clinic itself is constructed in a unique way. Sports medicine specialists are concerned with all problems — injury and illness alike — related to athletics and physical fitness.